Greetings, dear Viewer! This page is my official game design portfolio and contains information about me and the majority of projects I have worked on, either solo or as a part of a small university team. Below you can see an annotated showreel showcasing my contribution to these projects and a little preview of the types of games I like to make.

Who Am I?

An aspiring storyteller who loves designing games.

If you want to find out what motivated me to start designing games, check out “About Me” page.

What Games Mean for Me

I consider games, just like movies and books, entertainment platforms in which people can voluntarily get lost. Other platforms lure audiences through moving pictures or written words, but games, simply because they require the player’s input, offer a certain sense of agency which creates a different kind of freedom in our imagination. That is why I love playing and designing games – their structural complexity creates space for multilayered stories to be told in many ways, but the experience depends entirely on the individual.

Games Made by Me (And My Friends)

Over the course of my time at the University of East London, I have explored some different genres of games. To learn more about my design process behind individual projects, check out items under “Games” menu. Look out for updates as more is yet to come!

What I Want to Achieve

When I think about games, I always remember the words of Greg Costikyan from one of the first game design sources I have ever read. He states the following:

(the game is) a collaboration between the developers and the players, a journey of mutual discovery, a democratic art form in which the shape of the game is created by the artist, but the experience of the game is created by the player.”

To form such environment, my goal is to create deep and powerful stories, implement them in vast worlds with complex and diverse characters and truly allow players to experience gameplay in a way they feel greatly immersed and emotionally connected throughout their in-game journey.