Gone West

Twine story available for download on my itch.io page.

  • Developer(s): Solo developer
  • Role: Solo developer
  • Engine: Unity3D & Twine
  • Programming Tools: MS Visual Studio (C#)
  • Platform(s): PC (Windows)
  • Development Time: 3 months
  • Release: December 2019 (the final year of my bachelor’s degree at UEL)
  • Genre(s): Prototype(s) – 3D point-and-click graphic adventure
  • Mode(s): Single-player

Gone West was a hypothetical game I would make if I ran my own game studio. The idea behind this university assignment was to teach us how industry professionals develop and publish games. To honour one of my favourite games from my childhood, Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner (Revistronic, 2004), I chose to make two prototypes for a point-and-click graphic adventure game set in a 3D environment. The first prototype was made in Unity to showcase the point and click mechanics as well as puzzle and inventory systems. The other prototype was made in Twine to showcase the tone of the narrative and choice-making mechanics.

  • Use point and click mechanics to navigate the level
  • Use the right mouse button to pick up objects
  • The right combination of items in the inventory will complete certain tasks
Learning Outcomes
  • Showcasing the game idea through working prototype(s)
  • Arranging playtesting sessions and developing adequate questionnaires
  • Receiving and reflecting on constructive feedback
  • Refining the prototype according to the user feedback
  • Writing documentation for the whole production process
    • Creating gameplay flowcharts, UI wireframes, production tables, etc.
    • Defining design pillars, unique selling point, and high-level concept
    • Developing user personas, researching the market and competitors
    • Calculating development costs and creating monetization plans
    • Finding appropriate theoretical sources and applying them to the design