Sculto is an augmented reality team-based multiplayer game made in Unity using Vuforia for Android devices. As our university was working with a live client from the Dream Reality Interactive studio, our task was to follow a brief which told us to create an AR game for a specific target audience with a strong focus on its replayability potential. Since my team’s target audience was “audience participation” and the game was meant to be played on only one device, we came up with a fun team guessing game combined with a 3D sculpting feature.

The goal of the game is to declare teams, select a category and then sculpt the object from that category by removing smaller pieces from the starting 3D shape, while the team members are trying to guess the name of the object under a certain amount of time. As seen from the short gameplay description, we really focused on meeting all of the brief’s requirements as best as we could.

Even though I thought learning how to work in augmented reality would be the biggest lesson I would receive from this process, working as a part of a team for almost a year was probably a slightly more enlightening experience. I learned a lot about communication, finding balance and compromise between different opinions and coping with the reality that people think and work in sometimes very different ways. All in all, I think working with an industry professional and receiving his feedback gave me an insight about how the industry works, which is something that will help me prepare for my future work placement.

Sculpto is available for download on my page.