The Fall of Valleniya

Twine story available for download on my page.

  • Developer(s): Solo developer
  • Role: Solo developer
  • Engine: Twine
  • Programming Tools: CSS
  • Platform(s): Web application (Linux, macOS, Windows)
  • Development Time: 4 months
  • Release: December 2018 (the second year of my bachelor’s degree at UEL)
  • Genre(s): Interactive fiction
  • Mode(s): Single-player

Inspired by many fantasy adventures from various books, movies, and games, The Fall of Valleniya is an interactive fiction set in a medieval fantasy world created for web browsers. The game has the best of the two worlds – an immersive narrative structure from books and engaging choice-making elements from games. With the help of Twine’s practical construction, the application offers an intriguing story (with multiple endings) that changes depending on the player choice.

  • Play as three different characters from a medieval fantasy world, trying to discover which events truly led to the fall of their kingdom
  • Read the text displayed on the screen
  • Click on the screen to make choices that have numerous consequences (eight different endings)
Learning Outcomes
  • Improving creative writing skills
  • Creating compelling branching narrative
  • Learning how to code in HTML and CSS
  • Learning how to use Twine
  • Writing critical responses to weekly reading materials
  • Writing documentation for the project outline and explaining the rationale behind the story idea