The Fall of Valleniya

The Fall of Valleniya was my first published game. It was made in a storytelling software called Twine, as a part of my university assignment. Inspired by many fantasy adventures from various books, movies and games, I have been developing this story about characters named Guardians for a very long time, so I figured this was a moment to finally present a piece of it.

As the game’s genre is interactive storytelling, the players get to experience the story in a whole new way. The game has the best of the two worlds – an immersive narrative structure from books and engaging choice-making element from games. With the help of the Twine’s easy and practical construction as a design tool, I was able to produce an intriguing story with multiple endings which changed depending on the choices the players made.

Writing this story and creating numerous pathways for different outcomes was one of my first insights into the world of narrative design. As I am very passionate about delivering significant storytelling content and want to pursue a career of a narrative designer, I believe the work related to this game was helpful in improving my creative and writing skills, which will definitely prove useful for my future projects.

The Fall of Valleniya is available for download on my page.