Thief’s Affairs

  • Developer(s): Solo developer
  • Role: Solo developer
  • Engine: Unity3D (with Fungus plug-in)
  • Programming Tools: MS Visual Studio (C#)
  • Platform(s): PC (Windows)
  • Development Time: 4 months
  • Release: May 2019 (the second year of my bachelor’s degree at UEL)
  • Genre(s): Adventure role-playing game
  • Mode(s): Single-player

Thief’s Affairs is a single-player role-playing adventure game made in Unity using the Fungus plug-in. The story was inspired by historic movements such as the French renaissance and the end of the American Wild West as a sign of evolving civilization. Rather than developing a visual novel, I decided to use an interactive 3D environment and the first-person character controller to fully immerse players into my story. The controlling idea through the thief’s personal journey is to realise that doing wrong things, even if they are done for a good reason, simply cannot make a difference and change things for the better.

  • Embrace the role of a notorious thief and embark on his personal journey of self-discovery
  • Use the standard first-person controller to navigate through four different areas
  • Interact with highlighted objects (if in required vicinity)
  • Make dialogue choices and impact the story (two possible endings)
Learning Outcomes
  • Learning how to program in C#
  • Creating compelling and branching narrative (choice-making game system)
  • Working on environmental storytelling and level design skills
  • Making animations (camera movement, door opening, etc.) and scene transitions in Unity3D
  • Modelling 3D characters in Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Applying Mixamo’s animations on the 3D character models and learning how to use animator controllers with programming scripts
  • Making 2D images in Adobe Photoshop and applying them to the in-game objects
  • Self-managing production time and maintaining continuous working habits