Thief’s Affairs

Thief’s Affairs was made for one of my final university assignments on the second year of the course. The story was based on my imagination and created in Unity using a very effective dialogue system called Fungus. Rather than developing a visual novel, I decided to use an interactive 3D environment and the first-person character controller to fully immerse players into my story. The effort truly paid off as I immensely improved my C# programming and environmental storytelling design skills.

As someone who didn’t have previous experience with programming before coming to the university, I struggled to fully understand the new programming language. One of the turning points was my ambitious choice to develop this game by creating new game systems I have never encountered before. My will for creating a powerful story through interesting gameplay motivated me to work hard on learning how to code. Although I still have a lot to learn, I am proud of the progress I have made with my programming knowledge which will surely be one of the vital design skills for my future projects.

Due to Unity updates and Fungus adaptability issues, Thief’s Affairs is only playable in the Unity Editor and is not published on my page.