There are many corporations that rose to success in this dystopian world ruled by raw brutality and materialistic riches. As previously mentioned, anarchic cities are officially governed by majors, but behind the scenes, an endless power struggle between various corporations and their shady associates is always present. The only reason one corporation could not completely take over the city is that it is practically impossible to regulate such large territory. That being said, the corporation that managed to stay at the top of its game for the longest period is APEX Enterprises.

APEX Enterprises Logo

APEX Enterprises was founded more than five decades ago (when compared to the in-game present time) by a group of scientists whose goal was to create a thriving, independent and science-based culture from which all classes could benefit. Their dream collapsed when they developed an artificial intelligence capable of changing human biology, causing the group to disassemble due to their moral conflicts. At present, APEX Enterprises dominate a variety of industries, including military, medical science, and information technology.

Everett’s 3D Character Model
Everett Rocheford

Everett comes from a very famous and wealthy family who are descendants of the founders of New Eaden. As he has only experienced the best the world can offer, he has adopted the ideology that exceptional people have the right to violate any morals in order to create something better, regardless of the costs. When he was a teen, his mother died from the symptoms of an unknown disease. Ever since then he has been determined to find a cure for any sickness, delving into theories that some may consider closer to fantasy than reality. Regardless of the public opinion, he has pushed the boundaries of what is possible many times, proving worthy of being APEX Enterprises’ leader.

Daemon’s 3D Character Model

Daemon was a nameless child found in the wasteland at the northern border of New Eaden when he was only six. He was wandering alone in the desert until he collapsed on someone’s doorway. No one knows how he ended up there or how he managed to survive his burns and other severe injuries. Regardless of being mute, APEX Enterprises recognized his savage drive for violence, so they maintained his inhumane behaviour with drugs and decided to use his effectiveness in combat for any issues that may arise in certain negotiations or whenever someone needed to simply “step down”. He is now a leader of a group of mercenaries called the Hounds who primarily serve APEX Enterprises as their loyal bodyguards.

Ava’s 3D Character Model
Ava Monteiro

Ava was once a part of a wealthy family, but once they discovered her conflicting personality and ruthless behaviour, they disowned her. APEX Enterprises gladly accepted someone with her skill sets, making her the leader of a group called the Reapers who are proficient at eliminating “problems” without leaving any evidence behind. She was a mastermind behind many corporative plans and military tactics, inserting herself as one of the most feared individuals in the group of APEX Enterprises’ followers.