The game focuses on a character-driven story about two protagonists (i.e. playable characters) and their relationship. Just like most destinies in their world, Caidan’s and Rheyn’s story is a tragic one. Their parents came from different societies which is considered rarety because in their time people tend to mix within their own communities. They were simple merchants who sold broken equipment they refined themselves. Even though Caidan and Rheyn were raised in a loving family, they spent only a few years together until a devious corporation called APEX Enterprises discovered them and wanted to exploit their abilities. Their parents died saving them from the merciless profit-seekers, but they had to be separated to avoid being discovered again.

Caidan’s 3D Character Model
Caidan Odieus

Caidan is a very introverted person, reserved, observant, but also a gentle soul. In this actually very lonely society, he has adapted very well. As a very logical and thoughtful individual, his genetics developed special cognitive senses, allowing him to see the tiniest details in any environment, easily profile people’s character based on their behaviour and body language, and most importantly, predict possible outcomes with high accuracy.

Because of his skills, he was hired as a deputy marshal’s assistant by the deputy marshal herself as she recognised his potential the moment she found him on the dirty street of New Eaden’s southwest industrial section. Even though it breaks the law, she faked his documents, allowing him to have such a commendable role in their society. She was also the one who taught him how to shoot from a variety of different firearms.

Rheyn’s 3D Character Model
Rheyn Odieus

On the other hand, Rheyn is an extroverted individual, courageous, agile, quick-witted, and also very altruistic. She didn’t adapt well to this soulless society as her supernatural psychic senses (which allow her to see beyond physical boundaries) made her dread being alone with her own incomprehensible thoughts. Her abilities also allow her to possess the power of telekinesis (and other far more dangerous ones), but she has never dared to become aware of them or learn how to manipulate them.

Rheyn was employed as a courier by a shady collector who lives and operates on New Eaden’s northern border. By working for him, she has gained her skills in hand-to-hand combat. She has blended well in the wasteland as most children who do not achieve a higher level of education end up working for crime lords or doing petty jobs away from the city’s centre.