World-Building Elements

Game Setting

The game is set in a dark and grim cyberpunk environment. The main location is the city of New Eaden, the capital of the entire planet. In this world, urbanization has reached the extreme and cities are now as big as some countries (for example, New Eaden is bigger than Portugal). Globalization has entirely taken over, so there are no more countries, only enormous urban areas and vast lands between them, which have all been heavily impacted by desertification, resulting in the great loss of ecosystems.

A Small Part of New Eaden From the Top-Down View
Game Culture

Since there is practically no life outside the cities, food, air, water, animals, and plants have been either genetically cloned or unorthodoxly generated by high-end artificial technology. Consequently, the quality of life has drastically dropped, causing low fertility rates, new body deformities and diseases, the emergence of extreme classism, the loss of government power (development of anarchic societies), and many other differences that created an unstable culture in which the sets of 0 and 1 are worth more than life itself.

Because birth rates are so low, most children are born with the help of advanced genetic technology. Traditional family values are almost completely extinct (same as religion). Children are tested multiple times in their early childhood to see if they will be of any use to society. If they show promise, they will normally complete a higher level of education and have more valued jobs. If children fail or do not complete their tests, they are discarded and will most likely spend their lives in poverty (if they manage to survive).

Medicine has also extended the life expectancy, so people can live up to 150 years. Not many people live that long because of the huge difference between classes – only 1% of the world population can afford it. Classism is also the reason why conventional authorities lost importance in society. Public bodies, departments, and agencies are all privatized, forcing politics to become irrelevant and bow down to the power and influence of rich corporations. Each city has a mayor, but accidents happen and they are replaced more often than the wind changes direction.

Gameplay Areas
Environmental Mood Board

Since Caidan and Rheyn live on different ends of the city, the majority of the gameplay will be set in a variety of deformed areas exposed to very little lighting to achieve that gritty atmosphere of the game world. In some chapters, they will be able to visit the city centre, so the architecture will change from modern brutalism to modern expressionism.